Colour Contact Lenses Haul–PINKICON

Hey there! Sorry for missing out so long!

November was such as crazy month for me, but now I’m back:)

I bought colour contact lenses from a Hong Kong website called Pinkicon a while ago

They have English version so don’t worry, and they ship internationally

I bought 5 box of lenses in total, some of them are 1 day use and some of them are 1 month use

They sell 100% authentic contact lenses and some other beauty products as well

I will show you how they look in my eyes and discuss how I feel about them through out the day, now lets jump into it:)

User Select 1 Day-Standard Brown



(Sorry for my messy brow hair, I was going to do brow waxing in a few days!)

This is probably my favourite pair

They are super comfortable and natural

The definition of “your eye but better”

They are very thin as usual 1 day contact lens

User Select 1 Day-Citrus Brown



(In order to see the true colour, I did not adjust the lighting, they are shoot in different days so please bear with me🙏🏻)

This pair is the intention for me to do this entire shopping

The series of “User-select” is created by Select Fairy after collecting feedback from customers

They summarized what customers want and make lenses that perfectly fit into demand

This is my first time seeing contact lens with green outter circle, and my favourite colour is green

So how can I not get my hands on it❤️

O-Lens-WannaBe Milk Gray




This is my favourite monthly contact lens

I love how they put grey inside of brown to create dimension for the eyes

They a thicker than 1 day contact lens, but still very comfortable

Select Fairy 1 Month-Lime Olive


Select Fairy 1 Month-Shine Brown



Compare to O-Lens, monthly contact lenses from Select fairy is thinner in material wise

Non of them will turn my eyes red no matter how long I wear them for

Overall, I’m very  happy with the purchasing

It took about 3 weeks to ship to Toronto, Canada, so buy in advance if you need it for certain time

And the only disadvantage for the website is running slow, maybe because they are oversea? So just be patient with it:)

My eyes do get dry after about 3-4 hours of wearing them, so having eyedrops ready in your purse is a good idea

I will say don’t expect contact lens will stay hydrated in your eyes through out the whole day, they are external and condition such as wind will dry them up a little

I will definitely buy from them again due to the wide range of choices and reasonable prices

They always have promotion and combo that save you money

I hope my experience would help you with future shopping!

Thank you so coming and hope you enjoy your time here


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