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Hello everyone, happy 2017!

2016 had been a great year for me

Last year I tried to update alisonderland more frequently, and it paid off with getting more attention from the outside world

Thank you so much for your support, it meant a lot to me!

One of my goal for 2017 is presenting you posts that are honest, trustful and in a higher quality

Always believe in quality over quantity

Now let’s go straight to the first blog post of 2017, hope you enjoy!:)


I wanted to try Milk Makeup so bad since they have the coolest YouTube tutorials

I finally got my hands on them when I was in New York

Everything from Milk is about simplicity and convenience

Makeup does not have to be complicated, and makeup is for everyone

And all milk makeup products are cruelty-free

Love the concept!


Cooling water was one of the earliest product they came up with

It is for depuffing, hydrating and refreshing your skin

It has caffeine in it so it wakes your skin up in a second

The application is very convenience and smart

You just need to roll up the product from the stick, wipe it on your face and blend with your fingers

It seems like a bold concept but it actually works

It is my go-to priming product before putting on makeup

I love to use it underneath my eyes to depuff those “no sleep eye-bag”

And I can see myself use it in all seasons

For winter I will use it for hydrating

And for summer I will just put it on because the cooling effect feels good👍🏻


I just start wearing western brand foundation recently

I used to wear Korean brand because they are very light-weight and look natural on the skin

I think western brand foundation tend to be heavier and higher-coverage, which might look flawless but not the natural look I’m seeking for

So I never try any of them until this summer

This sunshine skin tint caught my eyes

This is a very light-weight foundation that could even blend out with fingers

It goes on skin so smoothly and seamlessly

It brighten up your skin in a very health and natural way because of the ingredients

 It has avocado, mandarin, grapeseed, and olive oils in it

Milk Makeup is probably one of the few brand that provide skin care treatment in cosmetic

It breaks the rule of “makeup is bad for your skin”


Beside from lipstick and eyeshadow, mascara is my favourite thing to collect

I like mascara that give me length and a bit volume at the same time

And it is crucial for a mascara to separate your lashes nicely instead of crumble them up

This mascara get the job done perfectly

It darken my lashes, give me some extra length and volume

Definitely a everyday mascara

Thank you so much for reading

Hope you find this post useful

And please feel free to click on related beauty posts!

Can’t believe how fast time fly

2016 was a great year and I believe 2017 will be a even better year

I hope my blog is useful and entertaining to you even just a little bit

Thank you again, I really appreciate your support and love

See you soon! ❤️

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