How to take care of your lips in winter


Winter is the ultimate skin test of the year

Skin drys up no matter if you going outside or staying under heaters

Personally my lips suffer the most

And I love to wear dark lips during winter which require smooth lip surface

So here are my favourite lip care products that would help me through the cold weather


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Bite Beauty Agave Lip Scrub

This is a scrub that remove dead skin from lips

It has brown sugar and pineapple in it so it smooth out your lips in a very natural  way

Beside, it smells good!

Put the product on top of your lips and massage in a circular motion

I would recommend using the scrub twice a week

Too much scrubbing might make your lips get use to it, and may not be affective as expect

Laneige lip sleeping mask

This is one of my all time skin care favourite products

First as a lazy person, sleeping mask is life😂

You can just put it on, go to bed and looking good next morning

After scrub I would put on the Laneige lip sleeping mask to provide my lips some deep hydration and moisturization

Your lips will feel soft and hydrating for the whole day

Usually I need to apply lip balm as least five times a day

But if I use sleep lip mask the night before, it will reduce to once or twice

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

If you don’t want to go too heavy, this lip oil would be your friend

This is a lip oil+lip treatment+lip gloss

It has natural plant oil that nourish your lips

I love how multi-purpose it is

It has a tint of colour so you can use it as makeup as well

I always avoid lip gloss because I don’t like the stickiness, however this lip oil is not sticky

And I love how big the applicator is, it makes application faster and easier


Last but not least, my go-to lip balm

This is the only product that I re-purchase again and again

I used up at least three tubes per year and keep going back to the same one

It is super moisturizing

Nothing too fancy, just a simple clear lip balm that get the job does perfectly

I use it every time I put on lipstick, especially matte liquid lipstick

This is my all time ride-or-die product

Thank you for reading, hope you find it useful

Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts, I love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day and see you next time❤️

6 thoughts on “How to take care of your lips in winter

  1. These are the best products for dry and chapped lips! I am also loving some korean lip balms that i am trying right now!


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