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Basically now every brands have their own liquid lipstick

It is also my favourite form of  lipstick that I can’t help myself on keep on buying

As a big fan of Marc Jacobs, I am so excited to try this product

Now let’s go straight to the swatches and reviews!

This is a creamy full-coverage liquid lipstick that has a beautiful satin finish

It does transfer while you eat and drink, but it is very long lasting

I love the formula a lot even though I am always a fan of matte finished

It is not too shiny, and not too dry at the same time

I wore it all day and it didn’t crack, and I had no problem re-applying

You know some liquid lipstick would crack up if you put on second or third layer

One swipe goes a long way, and the texture is not too thick

The only cons I will say for this product is it is a little hard to take off

It took me some effort to completely clean up after swatching

So I would suggest you to use cleansing oil instead of others to remove this lipstick

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