KAT VON D Alchemist Holographic Palette


The holographic trend have been hitting so hard in fashion and beauty industry

I personally love these unicorn colours, they are so refreshing and different

Today we are going to swatch the NEW Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette

And I will link a video down below to show you how I used all these colour to achieve a look

Hope you enjoy!


There are four colours in a palette

Green–> Emerald , Ultra -violet–> Amethyst, Blue–> Saphyre, Pink–> Opal

They can be applied on eyes, lips, face, and body

The pigmentation is high but not crazy blinding,  which I appreciate

You can use these unique shades on everyday makeup

The texture is smooth, but there is a little fall out


Also, this formula is long-lasting

Usually a highlighter won’t stay on me for long, but these could keep up over 5 hours or even long

You can wet the brush before highlighting and treat it like a eyeshadow, it will give you more intensity


The pink colour called opal is my favourite shade

It looks gorgeous on top of any blushes

And those reflection will give your face more dimensions

They blend very nicely, and easy to layer on

Even though the palette is a little pricy by selling at CAD$44

I think it is a fair deal with the packaging, quality and number of shades

I created a look by using all four shades, hope it will give you some inspiration!

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I will see you next time, bye!❤️

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