The End of Summer Lookbook

It’s been two months, exactly two months since I last write

I feel so sorry for not updating, life have been crazy

The longer time I don’t write, the less motivation I have to restart my journey

“Maybe I should just leave it”

Until today, a new follower join the family

I’m surprised that people still discover me and willing to follow an inactive blog like this

So, I’m back, officially

For those who stay, and who wait

It’s September, the end of summer

My friend Mikaela and I put together a chill little lookbook

We are both back in Guangzhou and finally manage time to shoot together

Hope you enjoy!:)

Click this link to check out her blog, she’s more than awesome (



We influenced by Japanese fashion and 90s’ fashion a lot

One of our favourite Instagram account is @drop_tokyo

We like to take inspiration form it and style in our own version

Thank you so much for reading

Hope you enjoy this post

And I promise, more quality posts are coming in a near future❤️


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