Kat Von D Saint&Sinner Eyeshadow Palette


When I first saw this palette on Instagram

I know I have to get it

Kat did it again

The whole palette is a piece of art

It is perfect from inside out

I really appreciate how Kat treat every single product as an art


“Absolution” and “Rapture” are two topping colours in the palette

Which means you can put it on top of other colours to make it pop even more

Not many companies make topcoat for eyeshadow

The only flaw of this palette is the black shadow called “Sabbath”

Compare to the Shade and Light Palette, this is more tacky

Because I barely use black shadow so it doesn’t bother me too much


One of my favourite colour from this palette is the second one called “Devil”

It is a perfect dirty orange

All the shadows are so smooth and easy to blend

The pigmentation is amazing as usual


Another favourite is the bottom second colour called “Heaven”

It is a silver shade looks so pretty no matter use it wet or dry

Can’t wait to play around with it


I don’t think I need to say more about the red metallic shade on top

Kat Von D kills it every single itme

The colour “Relic” is another big favourite

I love how true the gold is


Overall, Saint& Sinner is definitely one of my favourite eyeshadow palette at the moment

It’s already a pleasure just by looking at it

The colour combo is perfect, formula is fine as fire

Maybe it is not a palette you will reach for when you’re on the go

But it is definitely an art piece in the makeup collection

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @alisonderland

See you on the next post ❤️

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